August 2010 - Mexican Highways: Paving the Way for Economic Growth

Mexican Highways: Paving the Way for Economic Growth

Mexico’s highway network is the backbone of the transportation system and is key in the country’s strategy to increase its global competitiveness. Therefore, Mexico is giving high priority to the modernization of its road infrastructure in order to enable it to become one of the main logistics platforms of the world and take full advantage of its geographical position and free trade agreements.  

New Winds Blow in Mexico’s Energy Sector 

In 2008, Mexico adopted a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from its 2000 level by 2050. To address this goal, Mexico has taken various steps to diversify its energy mix. In 2008, a mere 3.3% of total installed capacity for generating electricity came from renewable sources. Mexico’s Renewable Energy Program aims to more than double this level by 2012 with wind power intended to play a significant role. 

Success Stories

  • Volkswagen Expands Production Capacity in Mexico
  • Mexico Will Be Nissan’s Export Hub for Americas
  • Valeo Enters North American Automatic Transmissions Market
  • Hawker Beechcraft Expands in Chihuahua

State Profiles

  • Idaho
  • Oaxaca

Mexico 2010 Events 

Mexico will be celebrating both the Bicentennial of its independence and the Centennial of its Revolution with a series of exciting events in several cities around the U.S

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