February 2012 - Building Up a 21st Century Infrastructure in Mexico

Building Up a 21st Century Infrastructure in Mexico

On January 17, 2012, the Law of Public-Private Partnerships went into effect in Mexico, culminating the efforts of the Calderon Administration to give the country a modern and comprehensive legal framework to help meet a primary objective: to turn Mexico into a global logistics platform through the expansion of investment in infrastructure.

Mexico’s Growing Chemical Industry

Mexico is one of the select countries in the world to enjoy a natural resource endowment that has cemented the foundations for the development of a strong chemical industry.

 Success Stories

  • Nissan Plans Production Boost in Mexico
  • Coca-Cola to Expand Investment in Mexico
  • KCS will Increase Capacity in Mexico
  • Denso Strengthens Presence in Mexico

 State Profiles

  • West Virginia
  • Colima

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