June 1996-Mexico Recovery Spurring Strong U.S. and Mexican Export Growth in 1996

Mexico Recovery Spurring Strong U.S. and Mexican Export Growth in 1996

3/4′s of U.S. states and 2/3′s of industry sectors register export increases in first quarter of 1996 according to NAFTA trade figures.

Agriculture Leading NAFTA Trade Growth in 1996

U.S. and Mexican agricultural sectors are playing a strongĀ  role in leading the resumption of two-way export growth in the North American marketplace in 1996.

New NAFTA Automation Prototype to Utilize Satellite Communications to Streamline Customs Processing

The customs administration of the the three NAFTA nations are continuing to develop a new North American Trade Automation Prototype for standardized customs customs processes to streamline port-of-entry procedures.

SECOFI Cuts Red Tape

As part of the deregulation initiative, SECOFIĀ  has announced that is is significantly cutting the requirements and red tape for companies doing business in Mexico.

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Distribution Zones for Natural Gas

GM Introduces Monza in Mexico

Navistar Opens Plant in Mexico

Polaroid de Mexico Projects Growth

Danzas Expands Freight Operations

U.S.-Mexico Satellite-Signal Pact

4th Satellite TV Firm Approved

Colonial Penn Opens Mexico Office

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