June 2013 - Mexico’s Telecommunications Sector Reform

Mexico’s Telecommunications Sector Reform

The Telecommunication services is one of the most dynamic economic sectors in Mexico. In order to increase its efficiency, coverage and growth, the Mexican Congress approved constitutional amendments to the sector’s legal framework.

New High-Impact of Cloud Technology in Mexico

Cloud computing is currently one of the most transformative technologies with a significant economic potential for global competitiveness due to its cost-saving platform. In the case of Mexico, these savings are estimated to be equivalent to 0.31% of GDP.

Success Stories

  • Bosch Invests in Mexico
  • Nestlé Expands Coffee factory in Toluca
  • Nissan and General Motors will Produce a Cargo Vehicle in Mexico
  • Usui International Arrives to Silao
  • Red IT Opens “Data Park” in Mexico City

State Profiles

  • Jalisco
  • Maine

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