March 2006-NAFTA Supports Jobs for U.S. Workers

NAFTA  Supports Jobs for U.S. Workers

Since the implementation of NAFTA, and Mexico has become the U.S.’s second largest trading partner, behind only Canada.  Goods and services for Mexico account for one out of every ten jobs in the U.S.

Export and job opportunities grow across the U.S.

Since 1993, 49 U.S. states have seen a growth in exports to Mexico . Currently, twenty states record over $1 billion in sales to Mexico annually.

Success Stories

  • Omnilife opens a plant in Jalisco
  • Mitsuba opens plant in Nuevo Leon
  • Kopf to build plant in Nuevo Leon
  • EDM opens another plant in Ciudad Juarez

State Profiles

  • Oklahoma
  • Aguascalientes

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