May 2012 - Natural Gas to Fuel Mexico’s Competitiveness

Natural Gas to Fuel Mexico’s Competitiveness

With a demand for energy that is growing rapidly to keep pace with its economic growth, Mexico is embracing natural gas as a cleaner, more efficient and abundant source of energy than other fuels in order to boost economic competitiveness.

Mexico’s Phytosanitary Requirements on Imported Goods Go Online

As part of its ambitious trade facilitation agenda, Mexico launched an Internet-based system to consult phytosanitary requirements on imported plant-origin goods with the aim of enhancing transparency and speeding up regulatory procedures.

Success Stories

  • Unilever Plans to Expand Capacity in Mexico
  • Elektra Purchased Advance America
  • CAE Inaugurates Mexico Training Center in Toluca
  • Hyatt Announces Acquisition of Premier Mexico City Hotel

State Profiles

  • Illinois
  • Nayarit

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