November 2008-Mexico is Becoming a World-Player for Near-Shore Services

Mexico is Becoming a World-Player for Near-shore Services

Fifteen years after NAFTA was implemented, Mexican IT services firms have seen increasing benefits from the strong economic relationships developed between the North American trading partners.

Mexico and the U.S. Expand and Harmonize Hours of Operation of Customs Facilities

Mexico and the United States, through Mexico’s General Customs Administration (AGA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), agreed to expand the hours of operation for commercial traffic in several border crossings.

Success Stories

  • Bridgestone Inaugurates Carbon Black Plant in Mexico
  • Hitachi Chemical Co. Setting Up an Automotive Parts Plant in Mexico
  • PayPal Expands Its Service to Mexico
  • Cablevision Mexico Selects Ligos for Enhanced Digital Mosaic

State Profiles

  • New York
  • Tamaulipas

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