October 1996-NAFTA Strengthens the North American Electronics Industry

NAFTA Strengthens the North American Electronics Industry

Production partnerships and increased trade lead the way to a better electronics industry.

New Economic Pact Announced by Mexico

New agreement promotes jobs and GDP growth in Mexico.

NAFTA Side Accord Spurs Tri-National Cooperation on Labor

Mexico, Canada and the U.S. have worked through the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation to enhance productivity and competitiveness since January of 1994.

Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula Forge Closer Ties

The peninsulas of Florida and the Yucatan have experienced significant growth and expanded business opportunities as a result of NAFTA.

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GM/INFONAVIT Program Announced

New “Beetle” Cars to be Produced in Mexico

California and Mexican Wineries Form Joint Venture

GATX Opens Rail Car Repair Shop in Mexico

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