October 2011 - Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is on the Rise

Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is on the Rise

Mexico has the possibility of receiving as much as $20 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in this year alone. Compared to last year’s $18.6 billion in FDI, there appears to be an increase. The Mexican economy is currently in place to remain one the world’s leading points for FDI. With key industrial and services sectors expanding, it is estimated that the domestic output will increase by 4% or 5% this year.

Mexico’s Role in the Era of the Smartphone

Mexico’s manufacturing sector has a large number of success stories. Many of such stories achieved over the last two decades are due in part to the liberalization of Mexico’s trade. The mobile phone manufacturing industry clearly illustrates the “climbing the ladder” process that resulted from the diversification of technologically advanced products. Currently as one of the largest producers of smartphones in the world, Mexico is reaping the benefits incurred by its modernization efforts.

Success Stories

  • Steel Technologies will Build a Steel-processing Plant in Mexico
  • Omrom Installs Plant in Silao
  • Barry Callebaut will Invest in Mexico
  • The Crowne Plaza Tuxpan Opens its Doors

State Profiles

  • Alabama
  • Sinaloa

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