April 2014 - Mexico’s Customs Reform for Trade Facilitation

Mexico’s Customs Reform for Trade Facilitation

Mexico’s tax and customs reforms show the Mexican government’s strong commitment in boosting the country’s competitiveness, and improving its attractiveness for doing business. They also prove the country’s willingness to make North America the most prosperous and competitive region of the world and its determination to increase and facilitate trade with its world partners. Besides, these reforms will promote investment, and transparency, and the simplification of procedures related to foreign trade.

Mexico’s Services Economy

The services industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world economy, and Mexico is undoubtedly a case in point in this trend. Mexico has a vibrant service economy in which the service sector contributes with 62% of the GDP and employs 58% of its workforce. All sectors of the Mexican economy, including manufacturing and agriculture, depend on services.

Success Stories

  • PepsiCo to Expand Investment in Mexico
  • Cisco Increases its Presence in Mexico
  • Nestle Invests in New Factories
  • Schaeffler is Opening New Plant in Mexico
  • Virgin Mobile Launches Operations in Mexico

State Profiles

  • Sinaloa
  • Wisconsin

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