August 2011 - The Young Face of Mexico in the Global Market

The Young Face of Mexico in the Global Market

This is not the old view Mexico. Almost two decades after the NAFTA was signed, Mexico is a very different country—Mexicans are more educated, more women are employed and the majority of Mexicans now belong to the middle class.

Mexico’s Key Role in North America’s Supply Chain

Worldwide trade has become increasingly fragmented as production is performed across multiple countries. The highly integrated economic ties between the U.S. and Mexico illustrate the dynamics of a 21st century supply chain as inputs cross the border multiple times accumulating value added to the good being exported and imported.

Success Stories

  • Cannon Spins Off its Mexico Wind-Power Developments
  • Largest Lego Plant in the World to Be Located in Mexico
  • Chilean Metallurgic Company will Invest in Sonora
  • TRW Automotive to Install a Plant in Queretaro
  • Honda Is Expanding Investments in Jalisco

State Profiles

  • Texas
  • Guerrero

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