September 2011 - Mexico’s National Tourism Agreement

Mexico’s National Tourism Agreement

The implementation of the National Tourism Agreement signed by the Mexican President Felipe Calderon early this year aims to make Mexico one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. The Tourism Agreement coordinates work between all three levels of government, educational institutions, and the private sector. It seeks to promote tourism activities and infrastructure at both the national and international level to serve as an engine of economic growth and job creation.

Mexico Becomes the United States’ Vegetable Garden

Mexico positioned as the largest supplier of vegetables to the U.S. over several decades, an event that spiked after NAFTA took effect. Key to this accelerated development of commerce under NAFTA is the high quality standards, improved production technology, product diversity, and expansion of marketing systems. All of these factors have contributed to the substantial growth in the volume and the variety of Mexican vegetable exports to the U.S. market.

  • Success Stories
    • Honda to Build New Automobile Plant in Mexico
    • Procter & Gamble Inaugurated a Gillette Plant in Irapuato
    • Spellman Starts Manufacturing Operations in Matamoros
    • Orbeo and Grupo Piasa to Develop Biomass Project in Veracruz
  • State Profiles
    • Tennessee
    • San Luis Potosi

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