February 2011 - Golden Times for the Mining Industry in Mexico

Golden Times for the Mining Industry in Mexico 

With estimated investments of $13.1 billion between 2010 and 2012, the mining industry in Mexico reaffirms its rank as the world’s sixth favorite destination for foreign investors. In the past few years, Mexico has also been improving its mining regulatory framework and developing more attractive investment rules that have underpinned larger flows of foreign and domestic investments.

Nanotechnology in Mexico: ready to get big

Mexico has developed a strong foundation in nanotechnology research and development capable to support industry growth. Among the strengths that Mexico has for the development of this industry include: critical mass for research and development, research infrastructure, and international agreements and treaties.

Success Stories

  • Magna Expands Presence in Mexico
  • FedEx to Acquire MultiPack
  • Össur Will Start Operations in Mexico
  • GM will Expand Production Capacity in SLP

State Profiles

  • Iowa
  • State of Mexico

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