March 2011 - US-Mexico Trade Experienced a Thriving Performance in 2010

US-Mexico Trade Experienced a Thriving Performance in 2010

Between 1994 and 2010, trade among the NAFTA partners has tripled, reaching $878 billion. During this period, US-Mexico trade has almost quintupled, reaching nearly $400 billion last year. In 2010, economic conditions significantly improved in both countries, boosting a robust 29% growth in the bilateral trade.

The Mexican Steel Industry Shows Its Strength and Iron Will

The Mexican steel industry is seeing technical advances, continued consolidation, and increased productivity that have positioned it among the most efficient worldwide. It has also experienced a steady production recovery driven by the growth of the Mexican economy and an increase of international demand for Mexican steel products.

Success Stories

  • GE Inaugurates Advanced Engineering Center in Mexico
  • Siemens to Invest in Facilities and R&D Centers in Mexico
  • Philips will Open a Plant in the State of Nuevo Leon
  • Kansas City Railroad Expands Investments in Mexico

State Profiles

  • Missouri
  • Yucatan

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