June 2011 - Mexico is Expanding Its Horizons in Latin America

Mexico, more than ever, is making an emphasis on having stronger trade links within its southern neighbors. As globalization continues to shrink the world, it is crucial for Mexico’s economy to keep up with other competitive countries. One of the strategies of doing so is by expanding international trade agreements.

Processed Food Industry in Mexico

Since NAFTA entered into force 17 years ago, the U.S. and Mexican agricultural and food processing sectors have become far more integrated. Therefore trade of processed food between the U.S. and Mexico has multiplied by 5.6 during this period, exceeding $12.6 billion worth of products in 2010.

  • Success Stories
    • Dupont to Increase Titanium Dioxide Production in Altamira, Mexico
    • Siliken Opens Its Fifth Manufacturing Plant in Tijuana
    • Bridgestone will Invest in Mexico
    • Wal-Mart to Expand Investments in the State of Mexico
  • State Profiles
    • New York
    • Tamaulipas

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