May 2011 - Emergence of a New Competition Law in Mexico

Emergence of a New Competition Law in Mexico 

The reform to the Federal Law on Economic Competition is meant to level the field on economic competition and will have a strong positive impact on Mexico’s economic growth.

Mexico’s Medical Device Industry Goes Global

The Mexican medical device industry has been rapidly evolving over the past few years. It has steadily grown to become an increasingly important global player in health care equipment production which has contributed to rank Mexico as the main supplier for the U.S. and the 11th largest exporter of medical equipment worldwide.

Success Stories

  • Mexico’s Bimbo Expands Investment in the U.S.
  • Durango Attracts Mega Mining Project
  • Héroux-Devtek will Install a Production Plant in Mexico
  • Exedy to Invest in Mexico

State Profiles

  • Vermont
  • Zacatecas

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