November 2010 - Improving Borders to Make the Most of Opening Markets

Improving Borders to Make the Most of Opening Markets

The Twenty-First Century Border initiative between Mexico and the US opens a new vision to face the current border zone challenges, which came as a result of the significant 380% growth in trade experienced since NAFTA took effect more than a decade and a half ago. It recognizes the opportunities to improve the security, efficiency and speed of the flows of goods and people and to reduce the costs of doing business between both countries.

Mexican Railways Back on the Track of Growth

Rail freight transportation in Mexico is at a momentous stage, enjoying an elaborated railway network and working with companies that are making progress in efficiency gains for the vast array of products transported daily.

Success Stories

  • Bombardier Opens Learjet Plant in Mexico
  • Chrysler Opens Engine Plant in Mexico
  • Ternium and Nippon Steel Corp. Establishes a Joint Venture in Mexico
  • DHL Installs Hub in Queretaro

State Profiles

  • Georgia
  • Guanajuato

Mexico 2010 Events
Mexico will be celebrating both the Bicentennial of its independence and the Centennial of its Revolution with a series of exciting events in several cities around the U.S.

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