September 2013 - Mexico Reinforces its Commitment with Climate Change Agenda

Mexico Reinforces its Commitment with Climate Change Agenda

On June 3, 2013, Mexico issued a new National Climate Change Strategy aimed at transitioning toward a competitive, sustainable and low carbon emissions economy. The strategy details the lines of action to be implemented at the three levels of government in order to combat and mitigate climate change-related effects in the country in the long-term.

Mexico’s Tech Services Industry is a Global Player

The Mexican IT industry is rising as the most important tech services provider to the U.S. and Canada, in large part, due to its geographical proximity, strong intellectual property protection, human capabilities and NAFTA market access certainty.

Success Stories

  • Grupo Bimbo is Building a New Bakery Plant in Pennsylvania
  • Continental will Open an Innovation Center in Jalisco
  • KYB to Invest in a New Plant in Mexico
  • Toyoda Gosei to Expand Production in Mexico
  • American Tower Corp. Acquired Tower Sites in Mexico

State Profiles

  • State of Mexico
  • Georgia

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