April 2011 - The Success of the Mexican Federal Inspection Type System

The Success of the Mexican Federal Inspection Type System

Mexico is engaged in the production of high quality agricultural goods, including meat products. The meat being processed in Mexico fulfills all requirements and complies with the regulation for domestic consumption as well as for export in the world’s highest quality meat markets.

Mexico’s Cogeneration Potential for Energy Efficiency and Investment Opportunities

Today, electric power cogeneration is considered a significant and cost-effective option for energy conservation within the Mexican economy. Mexico has an enormous potential to produce economically feasible electricity through cogeneration with a capacity up to 10,164 MW.

Success Stories

  • Nissan Boosts Investments in Mexico Operations
  • IBM Opens Innovation Center in Mexico
  • Danone will increase Investments in the State of Guanajuato
  • Iberostar to Expand in Mexico

State Profiles

  • North Carolina
  • Coahuila

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