March 2010- Mexico Improves Its Attractiveness for Investments

Mexico Imporves Its Attractiveness for Investments

Mexico has notably risen to the top-ten most attractive nations in the world for foreign direct investment (FDI) and maintained its number one position as US low-cost outsourcing for the year of 2009, according to A.T. Kearney’s 2010. Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index and the AlixPartners’ 2010 US Manufacturing-
Outsourcing Cost Index.

Agricultural Trade is Flourishing under NAFTA

The steady growth of the bilateral trade at an annual average rate of 8.8 percent has made Mexico the US’ second largest trading partner in agricultural products.

Success Stories

  • Wal-Mart Mexico to Open 300 New Stores in 2010
  • Praxair to Invest in Mexico
  • Jafra Opens New Plant in Mexico
  • IBM Expands Investments in Jalisco

State Profiles

  • New Mexico
  • Michoacan

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