October 2012 - The Pacific Alliance as a Pathway to Further Latin American Integration

The Pacific Alliance as a Pathway to Further Latin American Integration

In today’s global economy, strengthening regional integrations has become a necessary condition in expanding global trade. This is why the Pacific Alliance, an economic regional initiative, promises to have enormous benefits to the four Latin American nations committed to promote further trade and investment flows and increase the level of cooperation.

The Mexican Franchise Market

Over the past few years, Mexico’s franchise scheme has become such as successful business model that the country is now ranked as the world’s eighth largest country in franchise development and second in Latin America.

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September 2012 - Mexico’s Regulatory Reform Has Become an Ongoing Process

Mexico’s Regulatory Reform Has Become an Ongoing Process

In the past few years, Mexico has undertaken an ambitious agenda to improve its regulatory framework in an attempt to promote a more business-friendly environment thereby improving its global competitiveness.

A Green Growth Path Is Set by Mexico

On June 5, 2012, President Calderon signed a decree that implements Mexico’s General Law on Climate Change. This culminates a three-year legislative effort which was highlighted by the broad, multi-partisan support showed by both houses of the Mexican Congress.

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July - August 2012 - Mexico: Ready and Committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Mexico: Ready and Committed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade agreement linking nations in the Pacific region, has incredible potential to simultaneously benefit both Mexico and the United States. Understanding the scope of this opportunity, Mexico is ready and committed to engage in TPP negotiations.

The Single Window’s 2nd Phase Further Facilities Mexico’s Trade

In a global economy, making trade between economies easier is increasingly important for business. Therefore, in order to further facilitate how Mexico trades with the rest of the world, the Federal Government launched the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCEM, Ventanilla Unica de Comercio Exterior Mexicana) in January, 2012. On June 1st, the second phase of this tool began operating.

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June 2012 - The Digital Agenda to Better Connecting Mexico

The Digital Agenda to Better Connecting Mexico

Mexico has recently unveiled a government program to boost the information and communication technologies sector growth and narrow the digital gap throughout the country. The National Digital Agenda defines goals and strategies to give Mexico a positive impact on the telecommunications market.

Pouring into the World: Mexico’s Alcoholic Beverages Sector

The alcoholic beverages industry is nowadays one the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in Mexico. As a leading agri-business sector, which is highly integrated to the global economy, the Mexican alcoholic beverages sector contributes significantly to economic growth.

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May 2012 - Natural Gas to Fuel Mexico’s Competitiveness

Natural Gas to Fuel Mexico’s Competitiveness

With a demand for energy that is growing rapidly to keep pace with its economic growth, Mexico is embracing natural gas as a cleaner, more efficient and abundant source of energy than other fuels in order to boost economic competitiveness.

Mexico’s Phytosanitary Requirements on Imported Goods Go Online

As part of its ambitious trade facilitation agenda, Mexico launched an Internet-based system to consult phytosanitary requirements on imported plant-origin goods with the aim of enhancing transparency and speeding up regulatory procedures.

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April 2012 - NAFTA Trilateral Trade Breaks the $1 Trillion Threshold

NAFTA Trilateral Trade Breaks the $1 Trillion Threshold

The North American Free Trade Agreement has substantially boosted North America’s Competitiveness by enhancing access to a thriving combined market of 460 million inhabitants and a regional $17 trillion output.

Building a More Secure Bilateral Trade System

As U.S.-Mexico trade has dynamically grown by 460% over almost two decades since NAFTA began operations, bilateral economic and security linkages have increasingly become more complex. In recent years both countries have been addressing these new challenges regarding border security and trade growth without diminishing regional competitiveness.

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March 2012 - Mexico Becomes the World’s 8th Largest Automobile Producer

Mexico Becomes the World’s 8th Largest Automobile Producer

In 2011, the automotive industry in Mexico was at its highest point historically in terms of production, exports and investment. With production rates rapidly increasing in the past two years, Mexico is fast becoming a world leader in the auto manufacturing business.

The Wassenaar Arrangement Boosts Business Opportunities in Mexico

On January 20th, 2012 Mexico was admitted as a full member of the Wassenaar Arrangement, the most important multilateral export control regime for conventional weapons and dual-use goods and technologies. This agreement will have the effect of generating new business opportunities for companies in Mexico.

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February 2012 - Building Up a 21st Century Infrastructure in Mexico

Building Up a 21st Century Infrastructure in Mexico

On January 17, 2012, the Law of Public-Private Partnerships went into effect in Mexico, culminating the efforts of the Calderon Administration to give the country a modern and comprehensive legal framework to help meet a primary objective: to turn Mexico into a global logistics platform through the expansion of investment in infrastructure.

Mexico’s Growing Chemical Industry

Mexico is one of the select countries in the world to enjoy a natural resource endowment that has cemented the foundations for the development of a strong chemical industry.

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January 2012 - Mexico and the United States: a Vital Alliance in the TPP

Mexico and the United States: a Vital Alliance in the TPP
In response to the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s request of December 7, 2011, the Government of Mexico submitted comments regarding our interest in joining TPP negotiations.

Making the Most of Mexico’s Customs Modernization
Recognizing trade as a powerful tool for economic growth, the Mexican government has undertaken a comprehensive customs modernization program aimed at enhancing trade facilitation and cost reduction.

Mexico Enhances Trade Facilitation through a Single Window
Mexico has recently launched an innovative Single Window for Trade (Ventanilla Unica) to significantly facilitate trade with its trading partners and the rest of the world.

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December 2011 - Mexico Repowers its Trade Links with Central America

Mexico Repowers its Trade Links with Central America

Mexico and a group of countries consisting of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua signed the Mexico – Central America Single Free Trade Agreement after three years of intense negotiations. This agreement will replace the three trade agreements that Mexico has with Central American countries in order to harmonize, deepen and update the commitments and disciplines governing the current trade between the countries of the region.

Fishing in a Sea of Resources

In recent years, Mexico has worked diligently to sustainably increase production within the fishery sector. Thanks to an excellent location for commercial fishing due to its geographical position, and 7,200 miles of coastline along both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, Mexico has enormous potential to supply high-quality sea products for both the domestic and international markets.

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November 2011 - SMEs: The Growth of Small Giants in Mexico

The essential part of a country’s economy consist of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that contribute to job creation and economic output. This is evident in Mexico, where SMEs make up 35% of the GDP and contribute with 7 out of 10 formal jobs.


Mexico is Online with the Internet and e-Commerce

As the fastest growing and second largest technology market in Latin America, Mexico has one of the world’s highest rising rates of Internet penetration. In last ten years, Mexican online users have grown more than 1,000% reaching almost 35 million users in 2010. This exceeds the total number of users in Spain and Italy. Thus, e-commerce in Mexico has also grown in importance and it is expected to continue its expansion as more Mexicans begin to shop and do business online.

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October 2011 - Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is on the Rise

Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is on the Rise

Mexico has the possibility of receiving as much as $20 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in this year alone. Compared to last year’s $18.6 billion in FDI, there appears to be an increase. The Mexican economy is currently in place to remain one the world’s leading points for FDI. With key industrial and services sectors expanding, it is estimated that the domestic output will increase by 4% or 5% this year.

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